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Alexander Mehault Designer. Developer.

Inspired by the creative and multifaceted work in the digital field, I have been working since 2018 as a freelance graphic designer and web developer.

My focus is on individual design and tailor-made Development of user-friendly websites. From the small landing page up to complex websites - tailored to every requirement.

I share my office with Feelgood Manager Patricio, who attaches great importance to our daily ball throwing exercises.

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The ALVARA Cash Management Group develops individual IT solutions and services for the complex clearing of payment transactions - from customers in retail to financial institutions.

In the course of the launch of the new ICC app for digitized cash supply, I was responsible for the mobile app design. The user-friendly design offers intuitive usability and target group-oriented functionality.

The large control elements and input fields enable the app to be used quickly and easily for dealers and money drivers while working.

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